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Supplier of Marine propulsion equipment, hydraulic propulsion barge units,hydraulic high thrust bow thrusters
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Sykes Propulsion system now on hand!

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New items 12/15/2017

SRP 503/505 with nozzles 1000 Kw @ 900 Rpm

Schottel SRP170 3 piece gearset used in new condition


Schottel Rudder propeller leg assembly complete SRP150 with 4 to 1 steering /3500mm PAL

Hydro Armor Rudder propeller model HA1700

Factory reconditioned  unit 200hp

Hydro Armor 


2- Schottel SRP 330 Well mount 620 kw

Built and kept under Lloyds class

Schottel SRP 330 Well mount  620 kw Z-drive






Schottel SRP 505 1000kw


Schottel SRP 503/505, 1000kw z drive, units reconditioned and ready for delivery. All new hydraulics and controls



New price just in $7 million


Thrustmaster portable DP System DP2Thrustmaster portable DP 2 system with possible upgrade to DP3. units are 12000 hp ABS Classed. Units stored in Gulf of Mexico area and open for inspection. Priced to sell 7 million USD Contact sole owner of equipment: Tommy Putman @ tommyputnam@me.com 



2- Schottel Navigators SRP154 rated 225 hp, units have been maintained with new paint, ready to work. Can be bumped to 250hp. Engines have mechanical governors.

2- Schottel Navigators SRP165/150 located in Slidell Louisiana for inspection. Units need work but price is right for parts

ZF/Mathers Spares (all items in stock on hand)

Mathers/Woodward SPM-A Rev N Synchronizer part # 9905-001 serial 11524185 

Mathers/Woodward SPM-A Rev N Synchronizer Part # 9905-001 serial 11524186

Mathers/Woodward 585 Actuator circuit card replacement serial # 12000 and up.

Part # 01154  M5717-2  

Mathers/Woodward, low voltage 2301A Load

sharing and speed control. Part # 9905-020 Rev R Serial # 10018144 

Mathers/Woodward, low voltage 2301A Load

sharing and speed control. Part #9905-020 Rev R Serial #11527800 

 Internorman #300123 Schottel 1091770 01.E.120.10VG.16.S.P 10

Internorman #300106 Schottel 1091271 01.E.90.10VG.HR.EP 10

HYDAC pressure filter 0160D020BN/HC-2 3  


See some pictures below, if more are needed please ask