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"The driving force"


"Put the power of the high thrust auger style propeller to work for you"

Some say two propellers are better than one. Is this true? The Auger Style high thrust propeller is designed for maximum thrust both port or starboard, Same pitch same diameter with only 1/8 inch propeller tip to tunnel clearance for maximum thrust. Two propellers equals less thrust and more moving parts and gives you higher repair cost in the end. 


The airfoil contoured torpedo shape minimizes resistance to flow and cavitation.  This combined with the "high thrust" auger propeller provides high efficiency with equal thrust in both directions.  The gear housing contains a matched set of spiral bevel gears custom designed to Keypower specifications for maximum reliability and silent operation.

Duplex stainless steel has been selected for the main shaft because of its unique combination of properties:  high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and superior resistance to galling and seizing.  And to protect your Keypower thruster from electrolysis, a large replaceable sacrificial zinc is used.

Thrusters combine the highest quality materials and engineering to provide you with years of safer and easier handling.  


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