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Take Home Drive

Take Home Drive Systems 



The Keypower Take Home Drive system is a hydraulically
driven, clutched gear box that is mounted in a vessel's main
drive line and provides power to turn the vessels propeller by means of auxiliary engine horsepower when the main propulsion system is shut down or disabled. It also allows for driving the vessel at low speeds, where it is undesirable to operate a large main engine, at or near idle speed for extended periods of time.

The Take Home Drive unit is a mechanically clutched gearbox that is installed directly to the output flange or a vessel's main marine transmission. The main propeller shaft is then bolted to the output flange of the auxiliary engine, delivering hydraulic oil and pressure to the gearbox mounted hydraulic motor. A mechanical splined type clutch is fitted to the units output gear, which allows the system to be connected and disconnected from the main drive line. When disconnected, the only components that turn with the main drive line is through shaft and its related bearings, which offer virtually no drags or losses from the main power system. The unit is a fully enclosed gear system with gears, bearings and clutch components running in a gear oil bath for both lubrication and cooling. The gearbox is also available in two basic sizes to cover a variety of vessel sizes, types and main engine/transmission configurations.


  KP3500 KP6000
Housing Cast A356 Aluminum, Heat Treated Cast A356 Aluminum, Heat Treated
Gears Steel Spur, Hardened Steel Spur, Hardened
Clutch Steel Splined, Hardened Steel Splined, Hardened
Flange Dia. Max Up to 7.5" Up to 12.375"
Max Hydraulic H.P. Up to 40 H.P. Up to 75 H.P.
Max Output Speed Up to 400 RPM Up to 350 RPM
Hydraulic System Open or closed loop Open or closed loop
Max Through-Put Torque 3500 lb/ft 36000 lb/ft